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Practical Wisdom from Kahle Way Sales Systems

We apply 30 years of practical experience to help sales people sell better, and sales leaders lead better. 

Oct 29, 2020

What sets the exceptional professional apart from the average?  Regardless of what the profession, from sales to psychiatry, the exceptional professionals share certain characteristics.  Here’s one: The propensity to take risks.  Join with me as we unpack this character trait.


Oct 22, 2020

For a professional or salesperson, your job is much more than just a job – it’s a profession.  But what does it mean to be more professional? More importantly, what can we do to make sure that we, and our associates, are becoming ever more professional?


Oct 15, 2020

We’ve all heard the numbers: Consumer confidence is down, retail sales are down.  And for many of us, the markets we serve are down, as well.  There is an important relationship to note here.  Confidence – an attitude – is down, so sales are down.  When confidence is up, sales follow. 

The principle at work here...

Oct 8, 2020

We are all familiar with the Pareto principle, which, when applied to the world of sales, says that 80% of the business comes from 20% of the customers.    As a general rule, that 80/20 rule is accurate in lots of different situations.  Whenever there is a large group producing something, 20% of the people produce 80%...

Oct 1, 2020

Have recent events left you unemployed?  I can empathize.  I have been there.  In my life, I’ve had three major periods of unemployment. I understand the uncertainty, anxiety and self-doubt that comes with that.  You just don’t feel like life is as worthwhile unless you have a solid, fulfilling job.

     Because of...