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Kahle Way Growth Systems

We apply 30 years of practical experience to help sales people sell better, help small businesses grow through effective sales systems, and nudge Christian businesses to become more of what they can be. 

Sep 18, 2018

It's the bain of B2B sales -- backorders. Our lives would be so much simpler if there were no backorders.  But there are.  Here's some wisdom on how to manage the inevitable backorders more effectively. 

Aug 20, 2018

Far too many sales people spend far too much time with customers and prospects that, frankly, are just not worth that time.  One way to prevent that is to rank them all into A, B & C categories in a disciplined and methodical way. 

May 1, 2018

Can a sales person push too much?  And, if so, what happens?  How can you tell if you are pushing too much and too far?

Let's think this through together.

Apr 19, 2018

A salesperson's most powerful tool is a good question.  There is nothing that even compares to the power and usefulness of a good question.  Examine the benefits and functions of a good question,  improve your skill, and impact your results by understanding this most powerful tool.

Mar 30, 2018

Every sales person deals with the debilitating emotions that come with a bad day or a miserable sales call.  The ability to manage your emotions and intentionally bring yourself up when you're down is one of the hallmarks of the real sales pro.  Let me show you how.